In conjunction with the Library’s Graphic Novel Symposium, the Moraine Valley Anime Club will organize a special Cosplay event on September 29th at 3p.m. in the U Building.

This event is intended to be a fun, community-building program that highlights the creativity and interests of Moraine Valley students. All students are welcome to participate. The rules below will govern this event. Participants are required to adhere to these rules and the rules set by the college’s Code of Conduct Office.  See the Code of Conduct Office web page for details.

Rules for Cosplay at Moraine Valley

For general cosplaying on campus:

  • Cosplays must be PG rated! (Please, no nudity.)
  • Your cosplay must not have any signs or messages of hate or violence toward others.
  • Masks should not be worn, though you are welcome to put on the mask for a few moments if you are taking a picture/competing in the contest.
  • Make sure your cosplay will not impede hallway traffic during times where students are going in and out of class.
  • Props:
    • No Weapons of any kind are allowed on the Moraine Valley campus. (This includes fake and/or toy weapons)
    • If you have props, please check with Anime Club volunteers assigned for prop check. They will safely tag your prop.
    • Make sure your cosplay or prop won’t cause any kind of injury towards yourself or others. That includes having any sharp or
      spiky pieces.
    • Anyone using a prop in an unsafe or offensive manner will be
      told to put their prop away. If more than a warning is used,
      campus police will be called.
  • We will allow body paint, as long as it is sealed.

For the costume contest:

  • Please follow the rules that are on the general cosplaying list. No cosplayers will be allowed entry if any rule is violated.
  • Make sure to register for the costume contest during the specified hours. There will be no walk-ins.
  • We will not allow any unnecessary attendees near the line-up area.
  • Cosplayers are responsible for their own belongings (purses, bags, backpacks, etc…)
  • There is no need for a skit. We will be judging only your cosplay.
  • If your prop is a projectile (and has been checked with the staff) please note that is must not be used or launched. It can stay with you during your judging. Again, No weapons are allowed on the Moraine Valley campus.
  • We will ask for your name, what you are cosplaying, if your cosplay is bought, handmade or a combination of both. We will sometimes ask what certain pieces are made of.
  • Take note that there may be photographers. Make sure you can pose for a few moments as you are standing at the end of the catwalk. You may be awarded extra points for your pose.

For Photography:

  • Photographers will be given a special form of ID upon arrival. Please see a volunteer to obtain one.
  • Just like general cosplay, please make sure you are not impeding class traffic.
  • We ask photographers not to use classrooms for photo shoots. It is to make sure that no classes are disrupted and that the rooms stay clean.
  • You are more than welcome to ask a volunteer for safe locations to take photos.
  • With the exception of the contest do not take photographs of others without their consent.

Contact Jeremy Kingery, Anime Club Advisor, with questions at

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“Anime Club Cosplay Contest, Sept 2014”