Moraine Valley’s Graphic Novel Symposium is a literary and learning event that supports curriculum by connecting popular culture, interdisciplinary academic studies, and community development. This event will support the Library’s student scholarship.

Educational Value of Graphic Novels and Gaming

Endorsed by organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the American Library Association (ALA), graphic novels are recognized as an effective means to teach traditional and visual literacy skills, literature, art, history, and cultural awareness. Although graphic novels are works of art and literature in their own right, they can also be used as a familiar entry point to introduce complex academic subjects. Moraine Valley faculty members regularly use graphic novels as texts for their courses. Gaming has also been championed by educators for many of the same reasons as graphic novels—studies show gaming in the classroom increases student engagement and literacy skills. Gaming also has a social and team-building component which has been shown to contribute to the development of civic engagement.

Event Goals

  • Provide faculty members with a unique way to enhance the curriculum through a contextualized-learning event.
  • Design an interdisciplinary series of faculty lectures focusing on topics connected to graphic novels and gaming in the classroom.
  • Connect students to reading materials that enhance traditional and visual literacy skills.
  • Engage students in creative, analytic, and critical thinking with a variety of gaming opportunities.
  • Foster relationships that contribute to the culture of reading and art in our community.
  • Provide support to the Library’s student scholarship.


Contact the event organizers

  • Troy Swanson, Library Department Chair
    swanson [at] morianevalley.edu
  • Tish Hayes, Information Literacy Librarian
    hayesl45 [at] moraienvalley.edu

Or, call the library at (708) 974-5709, email library [at] morainevalley.edu.